Landscape Design

Our surroundings have a strong influence on many things about us. Our moods. Our efficiency at work. Our overall sense of well-being. When the world that surrounds us is attractive, with pleasing design and attention to detail, it lifts our spirits, strengthens our resolve and recharges our batteries. Good native landscape design can achieve all of these things, all while maintaining the quality and integrity of the natural environment.

The goal of Paul W. Steinbeiser Landscape Design and Construction is to create a native landscape design that works with the surrounding environment, not against it. We’re not interested in dominating the land around you – we want to help it reach its ecological and aesthetic potential, and native landscape design is the best way to achieve this. Whether it’s by using native stone work to create an artificial wetland that benefits local wildlife or turning a field into a wildflower meadow, our goal is to create a native landscape design that’s natural – a native landscape design that’s pleasing to the eye without having a negative impact on the environment.

There are several ways Paul W. Steinbeiser can use native landscape design to shape the world around you:

  • Native Landscape Design – The expansion of urban and suburban development comes at a price. Too often, new construction has a damaging impact on the natural environment, affecting everything from water tables to wildlife. At Paul W. Steinbeiser Landscape Design, our aim is to create landscaping plans that attempt to help nature reach its full potential, by re-introducing native plant species, maintaining low-impact storm water management, and more.
  • Natural Stone Work – We have our own stone yard, from which we’ll hand-pick the right stones for your landscape design project. Whether it’s a stone table and chairs, a flagstone path, or a waterfall, we’ll create a stone work project that’s just right for your property.
  • Water Features – In Chester County, PA, we designed an artificial wetland with constantly flowing water. At the University of Pennsylvania arboretum, we restored a natural stream back to its former glory after it was nearly wiped out by massive flooding. We can turn stormwater retention ponds into attractive features of the local landscape, rather than the empty pits we see in too many developments. Water is a vital component in a healthy ecology, and as part of our native landscape design, we aim to create streams and ponds that are at once attractive and environmentally friendly.

This is just a sampling of the many services Paul W. Steinbeiser Landscape Design and Construction provides. If your goal is to create a beautiful native landscape design that meshes with your local ecology, we’re the firm for you. Give us a call.

P.W. Steinbeiser offers native landscape design solutions in Delaware, New Jersey and Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. If you’re looking for quality native landscape design in PA, NJ or DE, look no further than P.W. Steinbeiser Landscape Design and Construction.